Our History

Radio Solutions for railroads

Expertise | Experience | Integrity

Railcom is an authorized Motorola Solutions Radio Solutions Channel Partner (two-way radio dealer), specializing in sales and service nationally to the railroad industry; and locally to customers in Memphis and the Mid-South. We have been in business since 1981. For the past seven years, we have been a member of Motorola's Pinnacle Club, a distinction given to top leaders in sales and service. We attribute this to our high level of commitment to our customers.

Railroad Communcations Expertise and Experience

Railcom has become known for its expertise and service within the railroad industry. The majority of our new business comes from customer recommendations. We find this more rewarding than any corporate accolade we may receive.

We guarantee best prices on all new radios.

Radio Repair and Service

We service all brands of radio equipment--economically with quick turnaround. Our chief technician has more than 35 years of railroad radio experience.

Other Industries Served

While Railcom has its roots in the railroad industry we also service many other industries. The experience we have learned in the railroad industry makes us a better fit for other transportation-based companies.Railcom has designed and implemented a specialized closed-system, customer-owned TTS (Transit Tracking System) at the Federal Express hub in Memphis, at FedEx in Indianapolis, and at Delta Airlines in Atlanta.

We can engineer special projects and can find the correct radio solutions for you. Please contact us today for more information.