Safety Reimagined: Safe Utilities

Safe Utilities Solutions

Creating Safe Utilities

Driving Production Forward with Smart, Integrated Technologies

Today, modern utilities are facing ever-increasing demands for reliable, secure service delivery. And the utility business model is fundamentally more complex today than it was even five years ago. Technologies — such as electric vehicles, roof-top solar panels, and smart meters — are becoming more and more prevalent and increasing power consumption. As a result, energy storage is playing an increasingly critical role in balancing load demands. In addition, grid modernization is required to improve the nation’s electrical grid infrastructure to make it more flexible, reliable, resilient, secure, and sustainable. On top of this is the ongoing mandate to ensure continuation of service and quick restoration after an outage to produce a high level of customer satisfaction. All of this must come together to ensure utilities are able to generate, transmit and deliver energy to customers in an environment built on a foundation of safety and efficiency for employees, visitors, properties, assets, and the community.

Motorola Solutions has created the first and only end-to-end technology ecosystem that unifies voice, video, data and analytics on one single platform — providing you with the foundation of safety for your operations that you need to stay focused on the job. Assuring managers and employees that when situations arise there is technology in place to resolve issues as quickly as possible to prevent them from escalating beyond control.

They have reimagined how the technologies used to help keep your facility safe, can do even more — minimize downtime, improve efficiency and productivity and generate better outcomes throughout all phases of the utility process. Because safety, efficiency and productivity are deeply interconnected. With the right technologies, you can be faster, smarter, more focused and more resilient — better at everything you do.

Motorola Solutions technology ecosystem allows data and intelligence to advance outwards, giving you eyes and ears where you’ve never had them before. Information can move where and when it’s needed — from cameras, to radios, to smart devices and device sensors, alarms and productivity tools, to security and operations centers both on-site and in remote locations — and provides meaningful and actionable workflows. Technologies integrate seamlessly across diverse areas and functions to provide efficiency and visibility across zones.

Motorola Solutions Safe Utilities technologies come together to keep your facility safe and operations efficient — delivering the certainty of safety you need to deliver on your promise of keeping services up and running.


Overseeing the widespread and diverse types of critical infrastructure assets throughout your facilities can be a challenge. From controlling multiple points of entry, monitoring worker safety and securing and monitoring key areas and equipment, detection plays a critical role in improving situational awareness and decreasing response times to potential issues and operational problems.

Integrated video security uses artificial intelligence to create high visibility across your facilities and connected sites all in one view. Access control provides entry management, immediate lockdown capabilities and push notifications to devices. Emergency alerts ensure all personnel — across multiple teams and locations — are automatically informed of critical information simultaneously.

All of this comes together to provide you with better insights — so you always know what is happening at your site.

Detection Solutions

  • Avigilon Control Center
  • Unusual Activity Detection
  • Avigilon Video Security Cameras
  • Orchestrate
  • Private LTE/Broadband
  • Thermal Imaging Detection
  • ms
  • Radio Alert


You're responsible for monitoring large facilities and widely dispersed sites filled with workers, secure areas, vast spaces, critical materials and equipment. Identifying unwanted individuals, tracking persons of interest, recognizing hazardous situations, and identifying falls and downed workers in this environment is a demanding task.

Appearance Search capabilities quickly and seamlessly explore video footage to identify persons or vehicles of interest across your facilities or parking lot. Unusual Motion and Activity detection highlights out-of-the-ordinary behavior that may need to be addressed. The Focus of Attention interface quickly brings your attention to areas of video security interest, increasing efficiency and improving response time when evaluating a situation.

Ultimately, these solutions and insights are crucial to cutting through the noise, proactively locating points of interest and recognizing which events are important — so you can have eyes on the scene to evaluate and make an informed decision to take action.

Analytic Solutions

  • Appearance Search™
  • CommandCentral Aware Enterprise
  • Focus Of Attention


Regardless of your role, clear and timely communication is key to keeping your teams connected and informed.

Radio communications instantly and reliably connects security, response teams, field workers, management and local first responders when needed. Broadband push-to-talk and multimedia capabilities extend your reach by enabling voice and data information to be shared across devices to those in other locations or remote. Dispatch software and mass notification capabilities make it easy to notify and share information across workgroups at a moment’s notice.

Connectivity — across devices, networks, and locations — is an important part of ensuring you and your entire team are aware and informed at all times.

Critical Communications

  • CommandCentral Aware Enterprise
  • AVTEC Dispatch Software
  • CommandCentral Aware Enterprise
  • Radio Communications: Voice & Multimedia
  • Wave PTX: Multimedia & Broadband PTT


Whether it’s an everyday incident or an emergency situation, your response teams and facility personnel need to communicate with each other to coordinate a response in the most efficient way possible. Being ready and aware is critical to ensuring your team can quickly respond to incidents or problems before they escalate — maintaining productivity and ensuring the health and safety of workers.

Dynamic interoperability makes it easy to directly share data with response team personnel in real-time, enhancing situational awareness. Incident management streamlines the logging of incident reports and makes it easy to share multimedia with other personnel when needed and inform future decision-making for safety, security, and operational procedures.

Because enabling rapid response and documenting past incidents can be the key to preventing incidents from becoming tragedies.

Respond Solutions

  • Ally Dispatch Management
  • Avigilon IP Horn Speaker
  • Body-Worn Cameras
  • Critical Connect

Taking Utilities Safety To The Next Level

It’s time to reimagine what safety technology can do for your utility’s facility — driving efficiencies, bolstering performance and helping you deliver on your promise of delivering uninterrupted service.

The Motorola Solutions Safe Utilities integrated technology ecosystem unifies mission-critical technologies to improve safety and security across your sites while also helping you and your team be smarter and more efficient. By bringing together the integrated and innovative technology you need to detect, analyze, communicate, and respond, they are helping to maintain efficiency and effectiveness across the board.

By enabling modern incident and operational management, you can be sure your teams are working safer, smarter, and more productively. And that when incidents happen, your teams are assured there is technology in place to resolve them as quickly as possible so they can stay focused on the job at hand.

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Today, modern utilities are facing ever-increasing demands for reliable, secure service delivery. And the utility business model is fundamentally more complex today than it was even five years ago. At Motorola Solutions, we’ve created the first and only end-to-end technology ecosystem that unifies voice, video, data and analytics on one single platform — providing you with the foundation of safety for your operations that you need to accomplish these challenges.