TRAIN Master Radio

Railcom’s new Clean Cab Railroad Radio clears the way towards digital voice and data radio applications for railroads.


  • PA and INTERCOM Interface
  • GPS location tracking
  • Programmable to all VHF channels 1000-channel capacity
  • Large, color TFT LCD display
  • Ruggedized housing
  • Menu with user interface and customizable function buttons
  • Night & day display mode
  • Data application interface (ETHERNET)
  • Liquid-proof durable keypads
  • 72V or 12V operation; Optional 36V
  • SDS (Short Data Service)
  • Powered by MOTOROLA DMR (MOTOTRBO) compatible



Channel Configuration
The Clean Cab comes complete with the Association of American Railroads (AAR) Frequency Allocation Plan and the Canadian Frequency Plan for the 12.5 kHz narrowband channels. If needed, any other non-railroad VHF channels (146-174 MHz) can be programmed into the radio.

Digital Operation
Channels can be operated in analog mode for voice and FFSK data transmission but also in digital mode for voice and data.

Passenger Announcement (PA) Interface
The Clean Cab provides a wire line interface to on-board passenger announcement systems of commuter trains.

Intercom (IC) Interface
The Clean Cab provides a wire line interface for incoming and outgoing calls to passenger car emergency terminals or train conductor terminals.

Train Control
The Ethernet port of the Clean Cab Radio efficiently allows having a transparent data application interface from/to on-board systems in conjunction with digital radio network architectures.

Location- and Train Number Tracking
GPS allows messaging for train location tracking at dispatcher workstations in combination with the display of train-numbers.

Radio Network Compatibility
The Clean Cab is compatible with analog and digital network architectures, e.g. "IP Site Connect" of Motorola Solutions.

Home-Mode Operation
The Clean Cab is capable of supporting home mode channels either in analog or digital.

The Clean Cab is fitted with a high resolution TFT color-display for improved readability in bright sunlight as well as at night or at dark locations. It can be run in day- or night-mode and allows clear display of any alphanumeric styles.

Control Push Buttons
Heavy-duty color coded and liquid-proof membrane pushbuttons identify functions. They are backlit for operation in dark locations. Channel selection, home mode selection, DTMF operation and dispatcher call are all accessed through the keypad buttons. All buttons are oversized for ease of use while wearing gloves. The membrane switches provide an excellent tactile functional feedback to the user.

Remote System TRAINMASTER XD-R (UHF or VHF )




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