Railscan Gain Antenna

This is the one you've heard about! Tuned to 160-161 mHz

  • Heavy duty chrome magnetic mount
  • Antenna adaptor for your scanner
  • 12-foot coaxial cable
  • 5/8 - wave, 3db gain, VHF, tuned for optimum performance, railroad band, 160-161 mHz
  • Overall height of 45 inches, including coil (whip: 41 inches)
  • Cable comes in 13 Feet, RG58 A/U (with longer lengths available)
  • Comes standard with BNC connector, other options available
  • Radiator material is .100"-.062" diameter tapered stainless steel
  • Magnet is 3 1/4 inch diameter
  • Motorola 3/4 inch mount (NMO)

Increased Range! Guaranteed Performance! The Railscan MHB580 has tapered housing, triple-plated brass fittings, and matching coil supported by a low-loss coil form. It will with stand severe shocks and moisture.